Hintegral Chem, like many italian companies, have roots made up of: determination, vocation, objectives but above all: people. It has followed in the footsteps of many successful companies. The experience of the founders in the perfume industry has given, in the 80s, the input to the birth of the company with the aim of compensate for what previously seemed a privilege for few people, that is to say: to have own-brand products!This was only the beginning of the history that, even today, is written day by day. Today the company is a family business but  production has evolved from perfumes to personal care products, hair-care products and shaving products.


Our daily work aims to keep the company and its products up to date with the customers and the professionals’ requests. For each product that we make, the quality is the main ingredient. Each product must be: suitable for the business, have an attractive shape and be competitive. A strong relationship with our supplier plays a leading role in this area, enabling us to receive the customers’ product with the guarantee to delight.



Hintegral Chem
Hintegral Chem


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